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Setting up my new 300L. centre piece will be 2 Sev's.advice.

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I have been using this forum for a few months now to pick up information about my new tank set-up.

I want a tank that kind of centres around 2 gold severums that I will be buying.

It is a 300L juwel rio. I am filtering it with a tetratec ex 700 and the juwel internal.

It has a sand substrate and rock caves and I am going to have a few large planted sections.

At the moment I have in the tank: 4 clown loaches, 2 angelfish, 1 whiptail catfish, 2 kuhlii loaches.

I want to add two gold severums which will be my centre-piece fish. I have been thinking about what to add in addition to the sev's, seeing as iv got a reasonable amount of space to work with.

Ok. here is what I am thinking for a final stocklist:

2 gold severums
2 angels
4 clown loaches
2 kuhlii loaches
12 green tiger barbs
3 firemouth cichlids
1 whiptail catfish
1 male Bn pleco
1 red-tail shark

Ok, now this is just me brainstorming so any constructve criticism is deffinite3ly welcome:D. All of the fish in the tank atm are juvis.

heres the tank:
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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