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Hi, I am just about to order a UV sterilizer (coralife turbo twist either 3x or 6x) for my 75g. I dont want to set it in-line with my current canisters so basically that leaves me with two options:

1- A powerhead with a prefilter, in the tank.

2- A water pump, outside the tank.

I was thinking about using black pvc piping , a ball-valve and a flow meter to get the perfect GPH to kill parasites. Noise is a big issue for me, I got rid of my Aquaclear 110 for that reason. Is a water pump silent compared to a powerhead? If I use a power head , wich one would you guys recommend? I need 55GPH for a coralife-3x (9watt) or 110GPH for a coralife-6x (18 watt).

This guy made one on another forum :

I like the idea but I want the flow meter and valve, to have control over the GPH. If I add a valve do i need two outlets ? The instruction manual of the turbo twist says to not use a valve between the sterilizer and the tank, I guess because the pump would not like it.

here is a rough sketch of what I was thinking
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