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Hey guys. Im quite new to the cichlid world. I am planning to get a 55 gallon soon. However, there are limited types of cichlids available here.
Bolivian rams
Strawberry Peacock
usisya peacock
lavender mbuna
yellow peacock
codango red... only one

Yellow "prince" ( they keep saying its yellow prince heard of it?)

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Yellow prince is very likely yellow Labidochromis caeruleus. Scientific names and collection sites are more useful than the made up trade names and common names because they can allow more of us to agree on what they mean. Codango red or Redcodango is a trade name for Aulonocara jacobfreibergi, a peacock cichlid species, that you might be able to keep one young male and a harem of females in a 55, but they would outgrow it eventually. Auratus (Melanochromis auratus) are an extra aggressive Malawi cichlid that do better for me in larger aquariums than 55 gallons. Yellow peacock could be a sunshine peacock. Both common names so they change with fashion and geography. In the species profile above you may be able to match the fish you saw with photos of Aulonocara. You could probably ask about what the other cichlids you have regional or trade names for really are, in the fish ID question area. All except the Bolivian rams are likely to be Malawi cichlids. In general they do better in tanks larger than 55 gallons as adults. The Bolivian rams, if they appeal to you, would be well suited to a 55 or even a 30 gallon tank for a pair. They are great parents and care for their free swimming fry. But choosing a fish you like, and want to learn about is very important. Selecting a fish for a tank is not just a plug in experience.
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