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setting up my 60" Marineland Pro Lighting 24-Hour Lighting System
And would like some help eithe the setup of the timer for the hqi, t5, and led's. Like do the hqi's and t5's need to be on at the same time. Different times at certan times of the day and so on and so on. just looking for a timing scedual never had a lighting system like this before and dont eant to hurt the fish in any way if I can help it. And I would just like to say thanks to every body again for all the help and suport tha I have goten from this forum. You have no idea how nice it is to find a group of people who actuly help each other and not just try to run eachother down for the mistakes the make or ther lack of knowlage. Or spelling lol. I am the worst at that part. haha thanks guys and keep up all the good work.

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That lighting system was really designed for saltwater reef tanks. This doesn't mean you can't use it for freshwater, but it is overkill. What you'll want to do is watch your fish with all the lights on and pay attention to the way they're acting, and their appearance. You might find the hqi's are too bright for them and wash out their colors, if everything looks good, this is how it should be set up:

Dark period- All Off- Give the fish some time to sleep.
Blue LED's come on.-simulates the time before/at sunrise.
T5HO's come on.-simulates sunrise/morning. Blue LED's turn off
HQI's come on-simulate noon/afternoon sun
HQI's turn off
T5HO's on
Blue LEDs on
Dark period

That's the general cycle I would use, adjust the times to fit when you will be viewing the tank, and keep in mind the HQIs are not easy on the electric bill. you will have to experiment with the "afternoon" period to see if it looks better with the T5 and HQI running together, or just the HQI.
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