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Seeking tankmate suggestions

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Hi all
I currently have a 90 gallon (48x24x18) with 1 Uaru, 1 Gold Severum, 1 Blue Acara and a striped Raphael catfish. All are juvies. I was wondering if adding another Severum is feasible and if not, do you think a Firemouth or 2 would be ok in this community? Had been lurking for quite a while before I joined and I can't tell you how much I have learned by reading all your posts...wish this forum had been around 15 years ago when I set up my 1st tankjavascript:emoticon(':thumb:')
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Uarus get pretty big. I have a pair that are 10" each.

I've read that Uarus don't do well by themselves, so I would add 1 more Uaru.

Skip the Firemouths as Uarus are pretty meek and will get bullied.

G'day Inawink,

I think it's a choice between a pair of severums or a pair of Uarus.
Thanks for the advice. much appreciated
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