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Decided to purchase a Seachem Alert tester and stick in my tank to keep an eye on ammonia levels
Thanks DJ this seems to work great.

Every few days I've tested the water of a new tank for over the last 4 months now and every time I get readings of ammonia from the master test kit of anything from 0.50 - 1ppm, so I believed the tank wasn't cycled. Nitrite is 0 and nitrate about 5

I believed the ammonia bottles might be faulty so purchased two brand new bottles and they still registered ammonia.

Put the alert tester in and left it overnight and stayed yellow, 0 ammonia.
Me being paranoid I decided to buy some of dr timms ammonia.

I mixed some tap water which has 0 ammonia in with a few drops of dr timms and dropped the tester in, within 5 mins it showed 0.50 toxic level. Rinsed it and left it on the counter and 5 mins later back to yellow. Now I know this is working and only tests for toxic ammonia.

The API test kit tests for both ammonia and ammonium, ammonium is what has been registering.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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