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Sea Shells in tank?

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My wife went to the beach with my family and picked up sea shells. Their not the huge type you buy in the gift shops but the little ones you pick off the beach. Will this be fine to put in our tanks with our Central Americans or would it raise levels too high etc?

advice please...
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During my aquascaping attempts, I put about 20 in my 55 gallon tank and noticed no difference. I pulled them out because they kept getting buried in the sand.
how long did you have them in there?
Sea shell's will do fine in Freshwater aquariums. As long as you wash them in hot water for about 15min or more. I have actually had Convicts lay eggs in them before and raise fry that way! I didn't even know they had done so. I had the shell facing down so fish could swim in them and I decided to take it out one time and accidently touched some eggs. I felt a squishy slimey feeling and fliped it upside down and to my surprise EGGS!! :lol: :p

They will not raise the PH or anything as long as you was them out and get bacteria, saltwater residue, and other things off of them!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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