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This past weekend I picked up a 135 gallon tank (72" x 18" x 24") for an amazing price. It cleaned up like brand new and the seals are in beautiful shape.

The former owner used it for a turtle and never had it more than half full at any point.

I am so stoked!

I have been out of the hobby for 10 years and cannot wait to get back to it. I have experience with wild caught, F1 and tank-raised Africans (Mbuna and Haps, Tropheus and Frontosas).

Now the fun begins.... stand & canopy building, filtration design, possible DIY background and stock selection.

My wife loves the colors and constant activity that Mbuna bring so they will fill this tank. Decisions, decisions. :D

I am thinking 5 species in this footprint (depending, of course, on male-female ratios)?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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