Sciaenochromis sp

Sciaenochromis sp. "nyassae". Photo by Ad Konings​

Sciaenochromis sp. "nyassae" is a Lake Malawi predatory cichlid, closely related to the popular Sciaenochromis fryeri. S. sp. nyassae is found in the southern part of the lake in the intermediate zone between rocks and sand. Here it spends its days hunting alone for juvenile fish. It does not appear that S. sp. nyassae is very territorial. One characteristic of this species is that it is rarely seen in its native waters. Males can get blue as they mature with some dark barring. Females are a dull silver.

Like in the lake, Sciaenochromis sp. "nyassae" is also rarely seen in the hobby. Reaching almost 8" in length and its need to cruise around, a large tank is a must. With the popularity and availability of S. fryeri, S. sp. nyassae does not have much demand. This species is similar in appearance and behavior to its popular cousin. There is a short article in the library on Sciaenochromis fryeri for some insight on S. sp. nyassae. To discuss this species visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.