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Saulosi Behavior

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Hello All I recently received my Saulosi about 2 days ago and they all exhibit great behavior and color. A few of them are doing some things in the tank that I dont know if it is normal. First off they hang around the intake they dont stay there but about maybe 5 min or so. They just go around it swimming around and through the clips that hold the intake in place is this normal. Secondly some of them will swim up into the outake current and kinda rub there side into the current is this ok? Do they ever jump I do have the top covered. They all are juveniles about 1.5 inches. They seem like they are starved all the time I have been feeding once a day Its hard for me to measure the Spirulina flake in what they can eat in 30 seconds is it something you just get better with at time im new to cichlids. Thanks

Tank Parameters
Ammonia 0ppm
Nitrite 0ppm
Nitrate less than 10ppm
Ph stable 7.6
temp 78f
tank is 36x12x24in
15 total juveniles
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Hanging out by the intakes is not normal, but see how they settle in for a month or so. The rubbing is OK if it is sporadic but a sign of a problem if it is continuous and the fish seem frantic. They do jump so good that you have a cover.
They dont do the rubbing all the time they just started doing it today a few of them go up and do it then they swim back down. They dont stay at the filter intake all the time just are there and another fish will come and kind of coax them out they have plenty of rocks and swim through all the crevices I have for them. I also have a Intake sponge on the intake side. They are new fish from a reputable source should I run general cure anyways to be safe?
I would never recommend medicating fish unless you have a diagnosis of an illness.

Up and down is normal for a new tank...called pacing. It can go on endlessly for days.

Filter intake is still a concern, monitor it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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