Great video from the Chester Zoo showing the rare Sarotherodon lohbergeri with a mouthful of eggs.

Sarotherodon lohbergeri is one of those species of cichlids that isn't seen in the hobby very often. Like the other species of cichlids from Lake Barombi Mbo, S. lohbergeri comes from an isolated volcanic crater lake. It's the isolated nature of small crater lakes like Barombi Mbo that brings about species of cichlids not found anywhere else. Aside from the isolation, Lake Barombi Mbo is a hostile environment for its inhabitants. Low oxygen levels and the ever present danger of deadly CO2 releases from the volcano have created a unique environment for any fish. You can read more about the lake in the article Insight on Barombi Mbo, Cameroon by Greg Steeves.

Sarotherodon lohbergeri

Myaka myaka and Pungu maclaneri also from Lake Barombi Mbo. Photos by Dave Hansen​