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we are new to this forum and have a few questions
we have a 30 gallon tank right now and currently have small pea stone in the bottom
i would love to switch to sand but have never had a tank with sand
so of course i got questions
we clean the tank useing a python and really wouldnt want it to suck up all the sand,
so to people with sand in their tanks how do you clean it? do you use a python or something else
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Well I have fish that constantly agitate the sand. Sometimes there are small pockets that you can tell are going stagnant so i will stir those areas up with my fingers before a water change. You definitely cannot siphon right off of or into your substrate when you are using sand. I siphon water from the middle and top portions of the tank.

If I had fish that didn't stir up the sand I would just rake my fingers through it before a water change. With a small tank like that it should be no big deal.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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