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I have a 55 gallon tank. I am planning on stocking it with 12 paracyps. I will also put in a few rock piles and have some juli transcriptus and maybe one other rock dweller. My question is about the sand bed.

Right now I have 4 brevis in the tank. I was thinking of adding something else to share the bottom and am trying to figure out if this is terrible idea.

Plan A: split the tank in half, one half with a low density of shells, one half with no shells. For this tank I would add some E. Decampsi (maybe 4).

Plan B: leave the bottom full of tanks and add 4 occelatus gold. Put small rocks in the middle of the sand bed to break up line of sight. Rocks with say java fern or java moss attached.

Plan C: Add 4 occelatus gold and 4 E. Decampsi and hope of the best. Again, a few small rocks in the sandbed to break up line of sight.

What do you think?


Nate Terry
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