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Sand mix in a 55 gallon

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im getting ready to set up my 1st Mbuna tank and i have never used sand before im 99.9% sure i want to use Pool filter with aragonite im just not sure how much of each i should use.
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as long as it's silica sand any mix should be good.

Just make sure to clean that sand really good.
how much of the coral i need to keep my ph and hardness up
I can't remember exactly but from what Prov356 (I think it was him) said at one point, that due to our frequent water changes the water isn't in the tank long enough for the substrate to buffer it effectively.
well then how do you keep you water ph and hardness up
Robtheheretic said:
well then how do you keep you water ph and hardness up
Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) and epsom salts. I use this -
You may not need to buffer at all but first you need to find out what you're getting from your tap; pH, GH and KH.
what come out of my tape is every unstable it high in all numbers for a couple days and then with drop to really low
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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