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Rockwork for 75 Malawi

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Hey everyone, I was thinking of what would be cool for rockwork in my new 75 mixed Malawi I'm getting. It's going to have some Mbuna and some Haps and maybe a peacock, so I was thinking a little section, maybe on the side of the tank that has a lot of rocks, then more open space for the others, anyone have any other ideas, or some pics of really sweet looking tanks? Thanks for any help

Mike ... 0&group=MM

I really like this tank
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I like that idea too! :thumb:

I have some holey rock set up and Im still not happy with how it looks. So I though of 3 different ways:

1.) Split all the rocks into 2 large piles with some open swimming space between the two piles
2.) Put a large pile on one side and smaller piles on the other
3.) Like the pic in that link you posted, pile all the rocks up in one corner almost to the water line and scatter a few on the other side

I wish I had a 6ft tank. :lol: Once you get your rocks set up post up some pics! :popcorn:

Heres how my tank looks now:

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Haha, I like your set up, its looks good, but not really for haps/peacocks, but great for Mbuna. I'll be sure to post some as soon as I get it 60gallon :fish: :fish:
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