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Rocks and Sand

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Have a 135 that I resealed.
Built the stand yesterday and the UGJ today
Its filled with water no leaks :thumb:
I will be adding sand and the rock work Thursday if no leaks show up

Question is do you add the rock then the sand?
or the sand then the rock?

Should I empty the tank before adding the sand?

oh yeah I have the egg crate in already

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If you have egg crate, you want to add sand until it hits the top of the egg crate, then place your rocks, and add the rest of the sand. I don't think it really matters if you add sand to a tank with water in it or without, but I think the egg crate floats, so I'd probably add it without much if any water in it.
IMO you get a more natural look by adding the rocks , then adding the sand . I would add the sand with a few inches of water in there. IME it makes the sand flow around the rocks rather than clump.
I like the rock to be either on the tank's bottom, or on the eggcrate. Rocks on top of sand can shift if fish dig around them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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