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Rock Arrangement Advice

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I added some new rocks to my multi tank today, namely a chunk of lava rock and two pieces of purple/green slate.

I like the way it looks, but I'm convinced it could look better. I would appreciate any feedback on better ways to arrange the decor. I'd like to avoid having to move any of the shells, as that would disrupt established territories.

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I like the way the tank looks, but if you want to rearrange it, my advice would be to buy more rock first.
Some larger rocks added along the back wall would be nice, to help build some height. Visually it would help fill out the tank more, looks a bit bare at the moment.
Well don't forget it is a shellie tank. I'd make one rock pile off to the right or left. The shellies like a rock pile, but their real interest is open sand to form boundaries between colonies, and dozens of shells.

Multifasciatus like a lot of shells, even two layers deep, and they form colonies. So I would also add to the existing shell piles.
I'd get more of one kind of rock. Multiple rock types never look natural. Looks like you've evenly spaced everything around the tank, so doesn't look natural. I'd agree with getting more shells. Make a small rock pile, then add to the shell beds. Half bury some things. Make it look random, not arranged.
i think it looks pretty darn good, i like the mound in the back left corner
Thanks for all the advice! I'll post a new picture once I get everything the way I want it.

prov356 said:
Half bury some things
The multies will take care of that soon enough! :p
I second more rocks and shells, as well as a mound or two. This would help clearly define two distinct boundaries.

Do a search on here by fish type or setup type and you'll find some inspirational setups. If its still setup, Ridley25 (not sure on exact alias spelling), A.K.A Kevin, has a simple but natural looking shellie[/i] setup.

Great start though! :thumb:
Thanks for the mention! Seen here:

It's a 15 gallon (24x12) with 64 shells (the second picture is right after set up when I had fewer). My multies have filled the shells they don't like. I empty them now and then to give them a job. The rock is petrified wood.

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