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Hi guys 'n gals:

This is my first forum post. Back in the game with a 75 gallon aquascaped tank since spring, 2018. Recently stumbled on this forum and was impressed with the collective knowledge, so thought I'd hang out here from time to time and share.

I live in Northport, New York, where the water is very alkaline (~7.6) out of the tap, and heavily chlorinated with high nitrates. My LFS sells RO water at $.75 per gallon. It didn't take long for me to do the math on economics regarding the purchase price of RO water - even mixed 50/50 with tap, and the gas and travel time before I was convinced an inexpensive home RO system was in order. In addition to the benefits to the tank occupants, I was able to justify the purchase to my "better half" on environmental grounds. No more $$$ spent on bottled water that she would need to lug home, plus no more plastic water bottles entering the environment from our household.

It worked. Unit (Olympia 5-Stage Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System with 50 GPD Membrane) should arrive Monday, 7/16. Will give you my impression as to whether it lives up to its water quality claims thereafter.

Best regards,

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