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ok so i have my fish in the sick tank...(sick tank is a new tank 10gal) im treating some fish for ich i noticed them scratching so i started treating right away... one of the lil fish a baby clown loach he hides a lot so when i got him he was covered in ich...he was a lost cause and after multiple times treating he wasnt getting better... all the other fish have no spots but some scratch so i kept treating... changing the water and cleaning every fake plant that was in the tank... so far this is the 4th time treating the tank and some are still scratching but have no spot it possible to the fish to be come more ammune to the meds...maybe i should try a new med? im using rid-ich... when i got my oscar from the pet store i saw he had to so i bought him and treated him with rid-ich and he was cured...but these fish seem to be more ammune to it...
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