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I have a 55g mbuna setup with 2 eheim 2215's

I'm considering building a RFUGF
I have a spare maxijet 1200 or I can use output of one of my eheims

I'm basically looking for a way to minimize the need for vacuuming gravel, so I'm a bit on the fence here..

I can either:
1)use pvc piping with jets powered by either maxijet 1200 or output of eheim 2215
2) get a regular underground filter and reverse the flow
3) combine 1 & 2 , ie use pvc piping hooked up to the powerhead and on top of that put the underground filter hooked up to either or both outputs of my carnister filters...

1) how many jets could a maxijet 1200 power (Powerhead Mode: 295GPH,Circulation Mode: 1300GPH)
2) if I go 1 or 2, should I use the carnister output or the powerhead?

any other suggestions?
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