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Continuing somewhat from prvious threads. Standard 55 gallon tank. It is definitely going to contain Cynotilapia Afra Cobue. I also really like the looks of the Pseudotropheus Saulosi. Others have raised concern about these 2 together? What would the cons be? After looking around at other species I also really like the Metriaclima Callainos. Would this work well with the Afra? How about the Saulosi? I will be buying all as juveniles, 6 of each and will return additional males as needed. There will also be some petricolas. I want a variety of color. I really like the Afra's. I also like the Saulosi's because I would get both yellow(female) and I like the male coloring as well. And the the Callainos is a really pretty shade of blue. What would the cons be on the mix? Thanks.
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