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Review trip to Monterrey and Cuatro Cienegas, México

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As every year for the last 4, was approaching the anniversary of the CAR and we needed to attending this event, witch of course was a success, the truth is that the conferences opened my view about riverine African cichlids.

The journey began at 9:00 pm but was scheduled for 5:00 pm ... due to some setbacks we could not go before, however it was not all bad because it gave me the opportunity to prepare things right and not rush, also we could leave the city with less traffic than expected.

Once on the road and knowing the highway we stopped in San Luis Potosi, then we arrive to rest and refuel, after 2 hours sleep we returned to taking the route to Matehuala.

We arrived to Monterrey at 9:00 am and we headed directly to the fish house of Marcus Arroyo, there we could help to "collect" some fishes to the auction, I say collect because it's an really adventure to reach that house and try to get some fish. ;)

Finally we stayed at the hotel venue once started everything was ok, We broadcasted the event live, unfortunately not many people enjoyed it by this way. everything was great: The conferences, the food, the auctions, the raffles, the atmosphere ... is an experience that unless you live in person you can not give a true idea of how it is, I recommend you don't miss the next year.

The next day in the morning we prepared to depart to Cuatro Cienegas while most conference attendees coming from other cities (Juan Miguel Artigas and speakers included) went to a nearby location in search of photographing the famous Texas cichlid.

After a journey of 3 hrs., a mishap with a traffic police in Ciudad Frontera and the midday meal we arrived at Rio Mezquites around 5:00 pm, we quickly set out all the things to take advantage of what little daylight we had left and that's how we rushed to the river for photographing again (in my case) the Herichthys minchleyis, Lepomis megalotis and other inhabitants of this magical place.

After taking pictures both outside and inside of the river, we headed to the town of Cuatro Cienegas, cozy place where we found a nice hotel, very picturesque and affordable, we had some rest before to get ready and go back to to Mexico City.

The next day before leaving we decided to go to La Poza Azul, a spectacular place, which is where water flows to "El Mojarral" and the Río Mezquites.

This is an amazing place for its beauty, fortunately we been able to do some underwater footage, which gave us a totally different perspective, this place is awesome and can take a look at a habitat that has remained intact since it was formed, which for me seems very successful. Water clarity is stunning, much higher than in the river, and we noted that the name of Poza Azul (Blue Pond) is well chosen. Here the population of fishes is not much, given the short space however I was able to find a yellow Herichthys minckleyi Herichthys, making a beautiful contrast with the blue of the pound.

Here we see a beautiful flower underwater, some other fish and the spectacular blue water.

Finally tired but very happy we started the return ...

For those who like to see the full gallery here they are: Photo Gallery

P. S. I apologize for my spelling and grammar
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Excellent post, thanks for sharing the great pictures =D>
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