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Reported Outbreak of MTS & L. dorsigerus spawn

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G'day guys,

I've got a couple of weeks off work for some stay at home R&R. (Actually supposed to be cleaning the place up a bit etc, before I get transfered for work). So far I've managed to clean the garage up as a temporary tank room. :lol:

Any way I've bought two new 3'x18"x18" tanks to set up two SA dwarf cichlid tanks.
One for my pair of Laetacara dorsigerus and trio of Apistogramma borelii, and another for my pair of Laetacara curviceps and a trio of Dicrossus filamentosus. I've had to juggle my original stocking lists to suite what is available down here.

Today I did a LFS crawl to pick up some more stuff for the two tanks. While I was at one LFS I spotted a tank with several female D. filamentosus, so I picked up 3 to go with my current male who is sharing a 35 gallon tall tank with the pair of L. dorsigerus.

Got home, and decided I'd move the male filamentosus to my large community tank and add the females as well. The large community tank is currently acting as a holding tank for most of the fish I plan on stocking into smaller tanks.

Well I couldn't find the male filamentosus in the 35 gallon tank. I looked and looked, and finally spotted him cowering up in one back corner behind a filter pump. The reason, the dorsigerus pair had a pit full of wigglers. :D I knew they were getting ready to breed, but I totally missed the eggs. :oops: I'll try for some photos of the spawn tomorrow, as all I can see at the moment is a little grey wiggling mass. :roll: Except the female just moved the spawn to a pit in the middle of the most densly planted area.
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Woot!!! Laetacara strikes again. I like the layout, nice and simple. Deffinate pics though! LFS has curviceps or dorsigera, I can never tell outside of their blue or red breeding colors. Might just get them anyway, missing my Laetacara and have dwarf pikes again ... heh.
Any updates DFF? Sometimes I think you and I are the only Laetacara fans here. :lol:

Oh and any pics of the dorsigera and curviceps in no breeding colors???
*tries to think of a way for this not to sound uppity, cause isn't meant that way*

ummm ... is dorsigerus your all common name for them down there in oz? Cuase the scientific name changed when they switched genus from Aequidens (male=dorsigerus) to Laetacara (female=dorsigera).

*curses OCD sometimes*

Sorry, it was really really bugging me. *hides now*
Thanks DFF ... OCD is lame sometimes.

The species name does have to match the gender of the genus name, unless it is named for someone or a place (ie wallacii) or ends in an "s" ... which is why curviceps didn't change. Not sure why the "s" ending doesn't change though. Never took latin. :p

Deffinately pics when you get them set up, as I have a 40 and 50 breeder. If you can, can you get shots of the curviceps and dorsigera in non-breeding colors? I've never been able to tell the differance when not either blue or red, as almost all the pics on the net only show them in breeding dress ... and I've always gotten dorsigera when I buy curviceps ... :lol:
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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