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From Filstar-Rena-FAQ:
Q - I have a XP3 filter thats about 2 years old now. I read that if I am having water leaking from the cord or air leaking in that I should replace the O rings around the quick disconnect. I did that and it stopped the water leakage but I'm still having a problem with air being discharged into the tank every 5-10 minutes or so. What am I needing to replace next? All of the hose clamps are as tight as I can squeeze, the cap on the inlet pipe is tight and free of debris. Just looking from some reccomendations.

A - If you have had your filter for two years I would also recommend replacing the impeller cover Oring (actually a strip of sealing material) that resides in the groove on the bottom of your motor. This is the primary cause of the bubbles and surges you are experiencing. Please read our FAQ and answer at for a more thorough understanding.

Q - I have a brand new rena xp3 running for 2 weeks now and I am finding it really noisy. Lots of gurgling sounds that seem to be coming from the impeller part. I rearranged the filter compartments to see if that would make a difference. Nope. Any help would be appreciated. I would take it back but I live 2 1/2 hours away from where I purchased it.

A - Your problem is caused by air mixing with water in the impeller area of system. This is called "cavitation" in pump lingo. Air can leak into the system through the intake side. Make sure all joints that are above the water line are tight and that the intake priming cap is tight. Check your hose connections at both ends (intake tube and Quick Disconnect Valve) are tight. Make sure the Quick Disconnect Valve is seated properly in the top of the motor. Check the Orings on the QDV to make sure they are not damaged. If you have any leaking around the canister, air may be coming into the canister from there. Try removing and shifting the canister Oring and re-sealing the top to the canister.

The final thing you should review is your setup instructions to make sure you are placing the filter in relation to the tank within the minimum and maximum distances. It is especially important with regards to the problem you describe. In a proper setup, all air is expelled from the system in the first 30-60 minutes. If you still have air after 60 minutes then something is wrong. I would recommend contacting the warranty department at 800-847-0659 or [email protected] as they may have additional knowledge of this problem and other solutions.
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