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Removing a fish

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Would it be okay to remove an aggressive Mbuna and place him in a 55 gallon community tank that will have 5 tetras and the water is more or less the ideal for that of a regular community fish. He's starting to attack my yellow labs and I've really grown to this fish, but don't want to lose fish because of it.
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What kind of mbuna and what kind of tetras?
Pseudotropheus elongatus and it's about 2.5'' and would be joining 5 Serpae tetras in a 55 gallon tank.
Decided to move my 4 yellow labs to the 55 because I'd be better for them and this way the tetras can't be terrorized by the elongatus.
Depending on the water parameters in the 55G you may not want to put any mbuna in there. I don't know anything about serpae tetras, but yellow labs are aggressive when compared to the more common community fish...they are just peaceful when compared to other mbuna!

Better to put the elongatus in your hospital tank for a time out until you decide how to fix the stock in your African tank. What size is your African tank and what do you have in there besides 1 elongatus and 4 yellow labs?
I had originally the elongatus and just one yellow lab, but added 3 labs just the other day. It's in a 29 galllon tank and all that was also with it was a common pleco that wasn't ever bullied around. The labs and tetras seems to be doing good together and there is plenty of room for them.
I would put the tetras in the 29g. and use the 55g. for mbuna.
If it was an option I would. The 55 is the family tank with the 29 as the cichlid tank. On an unrelated note if anyone would like an elongatus, possibly a hybrid offshoot, really cheap I know where you can get one. Thanks for the help and ideas. I'm just going to leave everything how it is and if I have any problems with the labs and tetras I'll move the tetras to an even smaller tank than the 29 temporarily.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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