reef-cam live

Ever wonder what you fish are up to when you aren't home? A new product should be hitting stores soon that will allow you do know exactly what they are up to. Although setting up a streaming camera isn't exactly revolutionary, a new product will allow you to record content from inside your aquarium. The REEF-Cam by TMC offers the ability to watch your fish anywhere by streaming video from inside your aquarium.

When I first read about this product I thought it was a gimmicky adaptation of existing technologies, great for helicopter-hobbyists who have to constantly know what is going on with their fish. The more I thought about it, I realized REEF-Cam may be great for capturing elusive behavior or secretive spawners since it can also be set to record. The camera can be placed inside the tank where external cameras wouldn't be able to see that spawn deep in a cave or behind the rocks. With this product we may start to see videos of never before captured spawns.

For more information on REEF-Cam visit the Reef Advanced website.