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Red Zebra help!

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On sunday i got 2 yellow labs, and one red zebra. They have ate a couple of times since then, and they all act fine, but I noticed that the red zebra is swimming a little bit funny. He looks like he's tilting on his side. It kind of looks on purpose, like he was trying to reach something in the gravel, but now i can see that while swimming mid level he is doing it too. The other fish are not acting this way. What can be the cause? ill see if i can get a video
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Are there any fish near him when he does this? I've noticed fish kinda tilt sidewas as kind of a submissive pose when a fish is near that they feel threatened by. If he's doing it constantly though something is probably wrong.
when i hold the fish food in front of the tank, they know its feeding time. i do this and the zebra immediately swims to the top for some fod. As I am typing this, he is eating algae off the substrate, but before he did a full gator roll.
Mine do tilt alot but it's always for a reason. My yellow lab will go totally upside down and curve around the inside of the conk shell to hide. But it's for a reason. Your situation seems a bit odd to me.
allright well 24 hours later, the red zebra appears to have nothing wrong with it. Right now it is chasing around my yellow lab, and it just ate about 20 minutes ago. I think it is going to be ok
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