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Red Top Zebra death

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Here is a quick history. Feb 18, 2011 - Red Top Zebra added to tank currently consisting of 1- Albino Lab, 1-Ice Blue, 1-Eureka Peacock, and 1-red zebra. I was feeding the whole tank Hikari cichlid gold. March 7 - left for a week vacation, had friend feed fish 3 times during the week I was gone ( pre-measured the food and hid the package so no chance of overfeeding). March 15- returned from vacation all fish seemed well. Over the next couple of days noticed that the Red Top had no appetite so I purchased Algea tabs thinking that maybe the Red Top would eat that. The fish never would come out from under a rock that he always liked and still wouldn't eat. Today, dead. Water parameters tested out great. What happened? This all seemed to start while I was on Vacation.
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You know it could be a number of things but prolly stress induced bloat. If that was the case dosing with metro might have saved it but you can never be certain.

Watch the rest of the tank for signs of fasting and such over the next few days.
Could be a lot of things. Outright aggression, stress, disease, etc. You might want to treat your tank with melafix or soak food in metranidazole as a precaution for your other fish.

I had 2 fish die over night with no signs of disease or injury and 3 others break out with open sores after upgrading to my 100g tank. In my case I'm pretty certain it is all related to stress due to aggression associated with territories being established again.

I'm treating with meds for bacteria since noticing the sores and the fish have been happy.
Not very many fish, what are the dimensions of the tank? How long was it running with the other inhabitants before you added the zebra?
It is a 44 gallon pentagon shaped corner tank. I've read that it is prob not ideal for cichlids but others have told me its fine. I'm keeping an eye on the other fish, so far all seem good.
You likely need more fish. I would say bring your number of cichlids to 8 or 10. Was your red top a female? Either have all males or atleast a 1-2 male to females. Even better would be 1-3.
Those corner tanks sometimes have 20" or 24" as their longest length (not counting the measurement across the front which includes the unuseable acute-angle corners at either end.

These are not dwarf peaceful mbuna like yellow labs.

If they seem fine, cool. :thumb: But you have an unexplained fish death and are searching for the root cause. Facts are fish was hiding and not eating...sometimes that is bloat. Bloat can flare up when fish experience stress. Might want to keep an open mind to the idea that the stock/tank size might have contributed to fish stress and keep an eye on things.
Thanks for all the help. So far since the death everyone else seems to be ok. I am now down to 4 fish so maybe i'll up the count, i always worry about aggression when I add new fish though. Any ideas on what would be ok to add?
What are the dimensions?
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