A great video showing a pair of Red Spotted Severum spawning. Video courtesy of Jim Cumming

The Red Spotted Severum is variant of Heros efasciatus, not a Heros severus. More specifically, the Red Spotted variant is a line bred Gold Severum for the red coloration. The different color variants differ from the wild-caught H. efasciatus, but are still the same species. The striking differences in color is very similar to what has been done with discus cichlids, where the wild species looks considerable different than the line-bred variants.

In the wild, Heros efasciatus can reach 12 inches in size. However, in an aquarium they don't get that large (8"-10"). That being said, these fish can still get quite large and a pair is best kept in at least a 75 gallon tank. For breeding, it is recommended to get a group of these fish. As they mature, a pair will form. Breeding usually takes place on a flat surface. As seen in the video, the female will lay the eggs and the male then fertilizes them. Once the eggs hatch after a few days, the fry are usually moved to a small depression where both parents will guard them. For more information on Red Spotted Severum or any of the other variants, visit the South American Cichlids forum. Make sure to visit Jim Cumming's Youtube channel for other great videos.

Red Spotted Severum

Red Spotted Severum. Photo by Jim Cumming​