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Hey all. One of my female red humps has been holding for about 2 weeks. I had her with another female in a 20 gallon (separated from the big daddy). I got her out of there because the male became aggressive towards the holding female but when i moved them the other female harassed the mother in a less aggressive way. Anyways, today I stripped the mother and she released 26 free swimming fry. I have my BBS hatchery set up so I will have some fresh food for them tomorrow. I have fed them Hikari First Bites for now. They really don't seems to be eating it though. Not sure if they will scavenge off the bottom or not. Anybody have experience with First Bites or any suggestions on raising the new fry? My first fry besides some mollies I had a while back. I'll post some photos up by tomorrow. Thanks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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