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Red Eureka Peacocks - 30 Gallon

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I have a 30G with (2) 2 1/2" Red Eureka Peacocks.
Test: Amm 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 5- 10 to 20 - 40 somewhere in between according to LFS.
Ph 7.6 - 7.8.

Should I do a 30% water change tomorrow (I just purchased them today) to lower Nitrate levels?

The HEATER is a 3606 Eheim/Jager Heater 200-300L / 150 Watts.
The heater temp was set @ 74 degrees, however the thermometer reads 92 degrees - been fishless cylcling for about a month.

I unplugged the heater as it appears to be overheating the water and causing my other fishes to die the 1st time. I exchanged it for another one today. It's suppose to automatically shut off but even @ 67 degrees the thermometer was reading 92 degrees.

I have NOT put in the new heater as the thermometer reads 82 degrees. Will that temp be good for them, if I do not connect the heater? The room temp is very warm so I am assuming that's why the water is 82 degrees.

2. BEHAVIOUR - While I had them in the bag floating in the tank, one was more aggressive with the other one (just a tad smaller). They would bite (snip each other's mouth) aggressively. Is this part of their territorial behaviour? They are fine in the tank (swimming up and down) in patterns or chasing their reflection in the side of the tank.

3. FOOD - I purchased HBH 8 Veggie Flake (Super Veggie Blend). Ingredients: Spirulina, Fish meal,Wheat Flour-high gluten... The LFS said this is what they fed the beautiful "mix cichlid display tank."
They also have a brand called Hikiri/Hiraki? Which is best to feed them. Should I feed frozen Brine 1x week? Pellets? What brands are best (ones available in Canada).

Thank you for any information you can provide - water change - 25 - 30% a week?....etc.. I used Stress Zyme to remove cholorine, is this any good?

4. I also have a Cichlid Conditioner for hardness - when do I use this or how often?

5. I know it's only a 30G, could I get 2 more to even the spread for now? What is the max # that I can house for now?

Sorry for the long query, I've been waiting patiently for weeks and I just want to ensure these bad boys stay alive.
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There are basically two ways to have peacocks -- breeding groups of 1 male to several females. Or an all male tank with no more than one peacock of any one type and none that look similar (Even if of different types.) So two eureka red peacocks in your tank is not a good idea in the long run. You could do a eureka red and a blue neon or a sunshine or whatever, but not something that looks similar. Even a ruby red can sometimes be trouble with a Eureka Red.

You should also understand that peacocks cannot live in a 30 gallon for the long term. You will either need to return both fish and do something different or plan to upgrade in the future to at least a 55. You might want to check out the library's cookie cutter suggestions for a 30 gallon to see what's feasible.

I would get a new thermometer.

Use Prime as a declorinator

Yes, you could do a 20-30 percent water change. Do NOT mess with your filter at this time.

I personally only feed New Life Spectrum cichlid pellets with a spirulina flake. You can read fish food reviews to get an idea of what people like. Do not overfeed.

I buffer my water with Seachem's Malawi buffer. But depending on your tap water and if you have coral substrate and limestone you may not need to do that. Your pH as it is is fine.

Since it appears that you're relying on your LFS to test your water, I strongly encourage you to buy the API master kit of liquid reagents so you can monitor your water accurately yourself.

Hope this helps! Good luck!
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A trio of smaller species Peacocks could stay in a 30 gallon but Eureka's are a large, robust Peacock. Even a 55 gallon is a bit on the small side for a group. You may get away with a couple of months with these two fish, but you will have to upgrade soon and add more to combat the aggression that you'll experience with a pair.
Joea said:
A trio of smaller species Peacocks could stay in a 30 gallon but Eureka's are a large, robust Peacock. Even a 55 gallon is a bit on the small side for a group.
I have a 3 inch male who is terrorizing a tank (55G) of fully adult mbuna right now, so I can attest to what Joea is saying.

The smaller tank would be good for some of the Bicolour 500's, and you might get away with having more than one male if you got enough girls to balance things out.
I have kept peacocks in small tanks before when i was inexperienced and will never do it again, let alone "jacobs" :?

In my mind a 4 foot is suitable for peacocks but anything less is unsuitable, even if it's a single species set up of the smaller species.

I'm with Kim :thumb:
Some of the milder mannered peacocks can easily be kept in less than 4 ft tanks, you just have to be careful which you choose!
I too would suggest getting a new thermometer. Does the tank feel 92? Or is it like a pool (refreshing, ~75-80)?
Thanks for the replies.
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