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Red Devil

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Can you tell me if this is a male or female?
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Can't tell for sure, But, it does look a bit like a male to me.
May want to transfer that Red Devil out of the tank it's now in, into it's own pretty large tank.
Yours looks a bit battle damaged, as its fins appear pretty torn up. Has it been scrappin' with the Parachromis in there with it?
I have a Dovii and a larger Red Devil in that 75 gallon with that one..The other red devil is starting to get aggressive so I thought they were a mating pair!!The Dovii is just plain mean..I’m trying to rehome the Dovii..thank you for your input..
Okay then....
The 75 gallon is good for a temporary grow out tank. But once adult size it attained, any one of those powerful, super aggressive and very large-growing Cichlids will need a 6 foot long aquarium to look and be at it's best.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts