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Red Devil Colors

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Hello Everyone...

Many of the Juvie red devils I see for sale are orange andhave black spots on them, I was wondering if the black stays for there life time or they become all orange as they grow...?


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the black will go away. all RD/midas are born grey and fade to orange over time. unless they are the barred variant of course, which in that case dont get much if any orange.
Remember there is the natural all gray version of red devils ... that stay that way, but almost never imported ... I can't imagine why. :D
IME, the black spots will come and go and the RD age. I remember the first time I saw the black spots on mine when she was younger I kind of freaked out. I thought she was sick or something. Does anyone out there know why this happens? I never got a good answer to this.

As far as becoming all orange when they are adults that is not always the case. However, as a general rule they are orange when the reach adulthood.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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