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Recommend to me a colorful fish

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I have a 75G right now with the following:

15 Demasoni (1.5-2")
5 Acei (3")
4 Rustys (1.5-2")
5 Red-top Albino Zebra (1.5-2.5")

4 Syn. Multipunctatus (4")
3 Syn. Lucipinnis (1.5")
2 Syn. Nigriventis (1.5")
1 Albino Sailfin Bristlenose Pleco (2")
1 Regular Bristlenose Pleco (4")

I'm thinking about getting rid of the Zebras because they're kind of jerks. The Demasoni are jerks too, but only towards each other. Also, right now the only cichlids that really show up are the Demasoni, Acei, and Zebras. The rest just kind of swim around behind rocks and stuff.

I want something yellow/orange, but I think yellow labs are too common. I have 5 of them in another tank and to be honest I'd rather have something different.

I had some .5"-1" Msobo deeps but they didn't last - they succumbed to aggression in the tank. I was thinking of getting some bigger ones because I really like the color.

I have also thought of Saulosi but the males would turn too closely colored to the Demasoni and that can't be a good recipe for success.

Any thoughts? The Zebras haven't really started **** with anybody but the dominant male in the tank is definitely the biggest Zebra (by the way - these guys grow FAST! Do all Zebras grow this quickly?)

I like Afras - but most of them look too close to Demasoni I think, with the blue & black vertical bars. I want some contrast.
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What about M. estherae (red zebra), or albino P. socolofi to replace the albino zebras?
Dewdrop said:
What about M. estherae (red zebra), or albino P. socolofi to replace the albino zebras?
I guess my main concern with Zebras in general is their aggression, and I've heard Snow White Socolofi are similar as far as aggression goes. Is this true?
With my red zebras and albino socolofi the main thing aggression wise is their "spot". One dominate male of each species has a spot that they consider theirs and will chase other fish away from. They also do the big bad wiggle alot to show other fish how big and bad they are but it's never anything more than that. Their bark is worse than their bite. In my case anyway.
I had a group of estherae that was a NIGHTMARE in my 75 gallon tank. It constantly kept at least 2 fish up in the corners by the filters, and many of my fish had shredded fins, including my much-larger-than-them Ps. Crabro. When I got rid of them, the tank immediately settled down, nobody hung out in the upper corners anymore, and fins grew back. Of course I might have just had a bad experience, but they have a bad reputation for a reason, and IMO, they're not that good looking.
If you want some nice cichlids for yellow, you can try msobos again, and like you said, just get bigger ones. They are really nice fish.
Don't mean to intrude on this post but i would just like to add a note about keeping diffrent fish with similiar colours in the same tank.

My tank has been set up for over a year now and all the fish i bought were from before i knew any better.

I have 3 fish that are very sililiar colour/pattern -

Ps.Elongatus Mpanga

Also 5 bar Tret but i don't know if these can be included because they are black/white stripes instead of blue/black

I have never noticed any aggression ever between the 3 that are alike and they are all always in full colour so nobody is being harrased or bullied or being sub dominent so sometimes from what i have experienced it is possible to keep fish that look alike in the same tank i think it might help if they are all brought up with each other from a young age maybe.

Anyway what i have always wanted to know is how do any 2 fish know that they are the same colour as each other anyway? Do they use a mirror ? lol

Just thought i would add this on.
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I wonder if the PS. Saulosi would work there.
Minimal cross breeding i suspect, and from what iv heard about Demasoni they are more aggresive toward each other then anything else.
The Saulosi temperament you wouldn't have a problem with.

Maybe someone else has had experience with mixing Saulosi...........
Switch to an all male hap/peacock setup. You're ditching half your fish anyway.

Some Ruby Red Peacock, Benga, Flavenscent, Midnight peacocks. maybe a Taiwan Reef, c. Boreyi, azureus, Red empress, maybe a placidochromis Phenochilus, Johnstoni or electra. Even keep a single demasoni for contrast.

You sound like me, I had a similar tank and ditched those fish for the same reason. Mbuna get you hooked, now it's time to move to more hard core, and more beautiful Malwai fish!
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