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I have a 75 gallon currently that I am housing an Electric Blue (Sciaenochromis fryeri) in and have a small group of females that are going to be shipped out next week to keep him company. We want to add some more color to the tank since it is the primary site tank in the house (in the living room) and are trying to decide what is best to put with them. I plan to breed the blues for a while and want to keep them pure. I have another tank (a 55 gallon) that I am picking up tomorrow to use for the larger fry to grow in and I plan on purchasing a small holding tank for the new fry. I really want a very colorful tank, but keeping the blues pure and everyone as happy as possible is top concern. Please let me know what you think. The following is the perimeters of the tank right now. Temp-80 pH- 8.0 Hardness 4 The tank also has many rocky coves and hiding places as I read that this is important. I do plan to rearrange all things as soon as the girls arrive and am going to switch the base of the tank to sand the same time to confuse my boy even a little more. Thanks to all in advance for any advice.
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