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Receiving fish by mail

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I'm getting 7 new maingano tomorrow by mail. Is there any thing I need to know?
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I would highly recommend you always quarintine your new fish for three weeks, especialy those bought online. you can't possibly trust 100% what the fishes previous living conditions were. I wouldn't even dare chance risking my other fish to infection/parisites from new fish. I speak from experience. One time I bought some fish online from a highly respected dealer that advertises on this site. Well, I put them strait into the tank, and two weeks later I lost ALL of my fish except for 2 synodontis Multis. and one Aulonocara Jacobfrebergi "Otter Point". I was Totaly bummed. I still buy online at times, but I will never make tha mistake of not quarintining again.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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