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Real or Fake Rocks?

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So this week I'm going to be setting up a SA community tank. I have a pair of Apisto's as the center point of the tank along with 5 Panda corys and two small schools of tetra of 6-8 in each. For aquascape going to do a planted tank with large pieces of driftwood.

I currently have 3 fake rocks.

2 x of these:

1 x of these

I also have a lot of river rock sitting in my garage. So I'm torn which way to go, I mean the fake rocks have nice built in caves but I do like the natural look...of which the fake rocks do have a natural look to them.

I'm torn...
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Yeah that's why I liked the fake ones, so the female could use that as a breeding cave, I mean I could try to do that with real rocks but it would be a lot easier to just stick a fake one in there and be done with it :p
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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