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Real or Fake Rocks?

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So this week I'm going to be setting up a SA community tank. I have a pair of Apisto's as the center point of the tank along with 5 Panda corys and two small schools of tetra of 6-8 in each. For aquascape going to do a planted tank with large pieces of driftwood.

I currently have 3 fake rocks.

2 x of these:

1 x of these

I also have a lot of river rock sitting in my garage. So I'm torn which way to go, I mean the fake rocks have nice built in caves but I do like the natural look...of which the fake rocks do have a natural look to them.

I'm torn...
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Except there are few rocks in most apisto's natural habitats. :roll:

However few tanks really resemble any fishes natural habitats. So I'd add one of the first fake rock. The female will more than likely establish this as the center of her territory, and use it as a breedinf cave.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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