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Who else has had a bad deal with bigals
I had a bad experiance14.55%
I have a good experiance1672.73%
I never dealt with them522.73%
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I orderd some stuff from there on 11/25. They charged my card on 11/27. Now I get a message in my e-mail 12-3 saying the have rejected my order. I called them and they claim they dont know who I am nor do they know of any orders placed like mine. :eek: They refused to help me. :-? Now they have my money and I have no stuff. BUYER BEWARE!!! My bank said it would take 30-45 days to get my money back!!! :? :cry:
I did business with them many times.

Excellent and cheap products, great customer service.
I have done alot of business with them and never had a problem, their one year warrnety that they add on top of the manufactures warrenty for all electrical items works great. Plus if you find something cheaper somewhere on the web for a product they carry they will not only match that price but beat it by 10% as well. If by chance you are having troubles with your mentioned order all you need to do is take the customer number that was provided in the email they sent you and they can get to the bottom of it quick and simple. I have contacted them many times about various things, non of which were for bad reasons, and they have always handled my questions and concerns with great speed and effort. What you can do to correct your problem is print out the email they sent you confirming your order and contact your bank branch manager to have them give you a print out of that transaction, then call big als directly giving them your customer number found on the email confirming your order and you can talk to them about the problem you are having.

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I have had more problems with FedEx and AirEx than BigAls. I'm sorry to hear about your problems with them.
You say they e-mailed you rejecting your order?? Why did they e-mail you if they don't know who you are? :-? ....... Was it you bank that confirmed that they charged your card on the 27th? as Chrish_jr said I would take the customer # they gave you, and call them with that..... I have only had good experience with them as well... that on the other had doesn
Well after numerous phone calls, I finally got someone to help me! Hey it only took 3 days for someone there to say
It all depends on when/where it was damaged. I've had a few packages that UPS has returned to the sender due to damage. I've also never had a problem with Big Al's. You should give them another shot, it wasn't their fault that UPS crushed the box.
I'd have to agree with Runner......

You can tell by the poll you took that it looks like you were the only one who has ever had a bad experience that took them that long to fix.........but you have to give it to them, alot of companies would deny they had done anything wrong but they admitted they had been wrong (which was probably just a fault of a bad employee) and corrected it and then gave you $10 bucks off your next purchase.............IMO that shows they are sorry and DO care about their customers and the service they receive. :)
I have had nothing but excellent service from Big Als. I had a business that we sent out UPS many packages every day and many times packages were sent back to us without ever going to the costomer because on extensive damage at one of there processing plants. Give them another try and I am sure you will be happy.

Good luck , Jerry
I just gave them an order, hope the service is as good as most have reported.

If I were you'd I'd at least give them a chance to prove you wrong..

Big Al's is well known for their excellent prices and fair customer service. You have to remember that they are quite large and the more items they ship and send out the more problems that can accidentally occur. And when it comes to UPS, etc. If it is a "visable" damage yes they often do return it to sender. Now if there's a broken powerhead inside a box they may not catch it and still send it to your home. Your package probably had visable damage to the outside. I was not there so I'm only guessing.

Give them one more try. Every business deserves a second chance. Especially when they give you an extra 10.00 to use toward a future purchase. It's better than most you'll find out there.

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