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(re)stocking my 50 gallon

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have been keeping mbuna for a couple years. got tired of aggression. decided to go in a different direction. rehomed all my aggressive mbuna.

here's what i have now

(1) 6" blue ahli
(1) 4" yellow tailed acei
(2) 3" yellow labs
(1) 4" bumble bee

next up later tonight i'll be adding a couple of adult peacocks, like 5+" in size. i'm doing all males. one for sure is going to be a sunshine. the 2nd... (see below).

a) i can keep the labs and acei with them no problem right?

b) would it be a bad idea to add a lighter blue(ish) peacock? there's one i loved but it's similar in color to the ahli.

i really, really want to try to keep the bumble bee (i kept it because it has never been aggressive and it was my favorite), but if absolutely neccessary i have the option of trading it for more labes or acei about 3" in size.

thanks for the help. like i said i'm experienced with mbuna, but have never kept haps/peacocks.
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I got a 6" red top lawanda peacock it's beautiful. Next is a sunshine but it'll have to wait a few days. One fish was $45.
Swifterz said:
I got a 6" red top lawanda peacock it's beautiful....One fish was $45.
Hah- welcome to world of peacocks and haps. :p :wink:
The haps you chose mature at 7". Might be a little crowded in a 50G even if it is 48" long.
i'm taking the bumble bee out.

my next peacock is going to a sunshine about 5". so i'd have...

1 6" blue ahli
1 6" red top lwanda
1 5" sunshine peacock
1 4" acei
2 3" yellow labs

i may remove the labs and acei and add another peacock. i'm not wanting a ton of fish in there. i think it'd be ok?
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If you like the bumblebee, then keep it until it becomes a problem. I had an 8" long male in an all-male 110. It was a terror; totally owned a few large haps in the tank. If yours is a male, it will eventually become a problem.... or an excuse to get a bigger tank. :D
i would really like to, but my concern is that i'll come home from work one day and find a dead or injured peacock. with him being smaller than them, he can't kill them that quickly right? so unless i see something out of him i could leave him for now?
here's an update

1 blue hap
1 red top lwanda peacock
1 sunshine peacock
1 acei
4 yellow labs

planning on adding a ruby red peacock tomorrow
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