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re : kenyi and convicts

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:p Quick question everybody, what is easier to care for, a kenyi or a convict? i only want 1 type of specie in my soon to be new tank. Another question is how many gallons to 1 convict or kenyi? I am planning on getting a 20 gallon tank. I saw a 16 gallon gorgeous looking tank that i really like. Can i keep at least 2 cichlids in a 16 gallon tank? 20? Where can i buy a kenyi? I dont usually see this type in the pet stores.

Please get back to me and thanks!
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kenyis and convicts are to big for 20 gallon tanks. You might be able to grow out some juvies of each species in 20 gallon, but it might not work for a long term habitat. Check out the requirements in the profile section on the forum. Also take a look at the cookie cutter for the 20 gallon tanks for more ideas.
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