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re-establishing bacteria - time period

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So here's what happened...

The power was accidentally off on my 37gallon tank for I'm not sure how long, it could have been over 24 hours, so we can safely say all the bacteria in my two Aquaclear 50's were dead and gone.

So, I "borrowed" the biofoam from a filter running on my 15gallon and stuck it in one of Aquaclear 50s so I'd have some bacteria to start with. (the 15gallon is well established and has been running for years, and that power outage did not affect the 15g).

How long should it take for both my Aquaclears to get re-established? (the 37g is stocked with about 8 1" africans, a cuckoo cat, and a pair of siamese algae eaters.
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awesome, thanks for the reply. yeah, they've been running with that borrowed bio-foam for about a week, so good to know everything is probably back up and running the way it should be already. Thanks again!
Not sure where, but a year or two ago I remember reading that a power outage could destroy all your bacteria if anything over 5 or 6 hours or something. Glad that's not the case.

I added that other filter media from that other tank in the beginning just to be safe, but now I have my filters back together properly and everything is aok. Thanks for the replies everyone.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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