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Need some thoughts on 40 gallon breeder stock, planted tank with lots of large rock and likely a few pieces of wood and a fluval 110/sponge filter
Pair of kribs
1x Electric blue acara
10 tiger barbs
5 sterbai Cories
1 bristlenose

Would this stocking work would you do anything different instead? I don't want a ton of kribensi fry hence the barbs but also not completely sold on them or the kribs to be honest

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Your stocking scheme seems pretty good to me. Looks like you've put some thought into it. :)
And, if you aren't too attached to the idea of a pair of Kribs or Tiger Barbs for this community tank?
I agree!
So, why not go full-on New World?
You could stock instead with a pair of pretty calm, Central American Amatitlania nanoluteus.

And replacing the Tiger Barbs with 8 to 10 Black Widow or Serpae Tetras, should work out pretty nice. :)
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