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Hello. I just purchased a bunch of new equipment for my 38 gallon African Cichlid tank with white NatGeo substrate sand, some CaribSea Base Rock, and 1 Big Driftwood.

My stock:
15 Juvie Cichlids
1 Bristlenose Plecostomus
Water Parameters:
Ammonia: 0.125 ppm
Nitrate: 15
Nitrite: 1.0 ppm
pH: 7.8 (w/ Malawai Seachem Buffer)

So I know this may be "too many cichlids" for a 38 gallon, but would this setup suffice for this many fish?:

Fluval 306 stock setup with additional lava rock
Cascade 610 Internal Filter with stock setup
Sunsun 800 GPH wavemaker/water circulator
Saim Aquarium Filter/Waste cleaner (THIS IS A MAGICAL EQUIPMENT!)

So far, the fish are doing really well, they enjoy the stream of water. The actual magic of the tank is the Saim Aquarium filter/waste cleaner. With proper water flow setup, this thing collects ALL the fish poop, uneaten food, and driftwood gunk; ALL OF IT. I honestly cannot believe how well this thing works. I can see inside the container and it is piled with fish poop. The Amazon link is: ... UTF8&psc=1

This thing works by having an air-pump operated fan that creates a sort of vacuum which sucks in water from below, but only strong enough to pull in the poop/debris and not the sand. After maybe half and hour to an hour of feeding, the aquarium is SPOTLESS. There is also a lot of water circulation within the tank and plenty of surface agitation.

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OK well for all all-male tank with 12 individuals you would want a 48" x 18" tank, typically 75G.

If you want to choose a stock that could work in a 36" tank....try 1m:4f of the yellow labs.

You would want your tank to be well filtered and clean no matter what the stock. Overfiltering does not mean you can expect a happy tank if you stock more fish than the proper level of overstocking (for example 12 males in 48x18).

You may not see many issues until the fish are more can be calm for up to a year if they are an inch now.

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CichliBAE said:
I'm pretty sure it's something like 36 x 12 x 19 and the species are:

Demasoni, Bumblebee, Red Zebra, Kenyi, Yellow Lab, and some unidentified Peacock. They are all male I believe.
How are the bumblebee and Kenyi doing?
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