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Ram vs. Thai Flying fox

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I hate the flying fox. There are actually two. One is small and keeps to itself. the other is big, thick, and likes to get into everyone else's business. He is constantly chasing my tetras and making them all scattered. My german blue hates him as much as I do. He always nips at him when he swims by, but soon, the flying fox started nipping back. Now my ram is more retreated and shy than he used to be. The only fish that aren't afraid of the flying fox in my 55 gallon tank are the angels, pleco, and krib. Long story short, I want him out. The main problem is the tank is planted and he is one fast f***er. Are there any tricks to catching a fast bully fish that you don't want? Thanks a lot guys for any help. My fish also thank you.
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I use multiple large green nets in my tanks. The green net doesn't spook the fish if it is stationary. Park one in a corner and herd the fish to it with another. Patience!
Also, make your move when the fish are less active, when the lights have been off for a while and you can catch him having a sleep..... :zz: .
Or do a big tank clean and water change.

Take out all wood, rocks and decorations that you can. Drain out 50% of the water, doing a real good gravel vaccuum. This will stir up the fish somewhat. One option may be to catch out the angels and rams first. They'll probably be easier that the fox. Once they're out, feel free to make a mess of the tank try to catch the fox.
Is a flying fox the same thing as a albino Chinese algae eater? If so i have the same issue going on. I got two of them about a year ago. One is still about the same size as when i got them, may 2". The other has grown to about 6 or 7 inches and is pretty big around. He is a jerk and chases the smaller one whenever he can. He also chases some of my other fishes. My t-bar cichlid is the only on that stands up to him and quickly chases him out of her corner.

I have been told that he will start sucking on the sides of my fishes and kill them at some point. I tried to take him back, but gave up on catching him after messing up my tank.

Anyways, good luck.

P.S. These fish do keep every rock in my aquarium sparkling clean. so i guess that is a good thing
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