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I would be careful they are way more aggressive that alot of the literature has out there.

I would have 1 male and 5 or 6 females at least..... The problem is with these guys is that you ideally want vast areas of sand to see them do their normal activities etc.. Well there isn't then much chance to have lots of rocks.. The male chases my males around my 180 which is 72X2424 from top to bottom non stop.... has already killed one of mine... and has my females bunched up...

All of the aggression has been species specific with an occasional get way from my pit light chase or other guys.

The females are plain silver the males get an iridescent sheen with white and red on dorsal and depending on the males some levels of a light orangeish red along the top sides...

I did have a female release 25 fry which im pretty happy about...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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