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questions regarding Cyno white top hara / pundamilia species

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How many in a 55 species only tank? Eventual male to female ratios? Would more than one male be OK if enough females are present?
I'm trying to decide which I want to go with. Need advice please!
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White Top Hara... If you can get them, get 15- 20... you probably could have multiple males but may have to remove some if you have to down the line.

Not sure about the Victorians. It is hard to get quality fish as it is, and positive id on what fish it really is. You would want to start with multiple males at least to make sure you get a good alpha male.
Pundamillia nyererei... I'd say pass in a 55 gallon. A bit too aggressive.
With Cyno. sp. hara (White Top Hara) - I think you might be able to get away with two males in a 55. Sometimes males are overly aggressive in this species - other times they are tolerant. If you want to try two males, I'd have at least 6-8 females - more the better.
Thanks for the advice.
I think I will try to get about 10-12 juvie WTH, if Dave's still has them, and then remove the extra males if/when necessary. If I don't get enough females for 2 males, then I will keep one.
I am assuming they like plenty of rock-work like most mbuna? I have some holey rock I was thinking of using. Also have some large mature plants in a smaller tank I thought I would move
to the new one.
They do love rockwork/caves. I would recommend keeping some rockwork at each end of the tank to get two males to color up.

Good luck with getting some C. sp. hara. I know Nick a has some if Dave's doesn't.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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