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Hello guys,
I hope I'm in the right place. If not, please guide me there. First of all English is not my first language so please excuse any mistakes.
I'm a fishkeeper for years now (mostly Asian and South American fish) so I'm not a complete beginner but I have a tank which will be redone soon and this time I want to try the beautiful african cichlids. As I mentioned in the title it is a tank which holds 450 liters with measurements of 150x50x60 cm.
Why do I want to try these beauties? Honestly? I saw a picture of one fish which I instantly fell in love with. After researching what it was and reading a lot more into it, I think it is unfortuately not a good fish to try at first nor does it fit in any of my stocking options.
The fish I saw was labeled as 'Aulonocara marmelade cat RED OB' which doesn't exist but is just a regular OB Peacock, right? From what I read they seem to be more on the aggressive side and would rather fit in a mbuna tank? Now that's a problem since I am actually not too keen on mbunas since I'm not that much of a fan of all yellow or blue barred fish. Don't get me wrong, these are definitely beautiful but there is just not enough diversity for me I think.
Now to my first actual question: where does such an OB peacock actually fit in? Would it work in an all-male peacock and haps tank?
I would love to keep that fish but if it doesn't work out I won't force the issue.
Another question on an all-male tank is what actually defines a similar looking fish in the eyes of a fish?
I ask that because I could probably choose ten different Aulonocara species and be happy with that. But that probably won't work anyway, right?
That being said I'm not opposed to a mixed-gender tank either, since there are a lot of dynamics I'd enjoy too. There's just the problem I couldn't fit more than one Aulonocara species in there and I honestly don't think I want of 80% of fish to be Grey, brown or yellow either. Maybe I have a misconception about female colors.
My last question would be how many fish would you put in that tank in general?

Thanks for your time and help.

Greetings from Germany,
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