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Nice post, and really good english btw. Sorry I can't help too much as I'm fairly new to africans myself, but as you can see in my signature I really love the haps/peacocks and Frontosa.

'Aulonocara marmelade cat RED OB' which doesn't exist but is just a regular OB Peacock, right? From what I read they seem to be more on the aggressive side and would rather fit in a mbuna tank?
My experience with these has not been good. I had some real beauties (males) in my 180gal and had to rehome every one as they approached adult size. They were only matched in aggression by the one Pseudotropheus johannii in there and it appeared to me these two species were the only ones who could coexist in that tank. But I still have a couple female OB's which live perfectly fine with my other peacocks in the tank.

Another question on an all-male tank is what actually defines a similar looking fish in the eyes of a fish?
Valid question. From what I see similar colors and similar colors + patterns appear to attract more aggression. But then you have the hybrids like OB's and Firefish/Dragonblood peacocks. IME the (male) OB's are aggressive toward everything while the Firefish/Dragonbloods are a little more complex; I have three of these in my 450gal and the only other fish that seem to exist in that tank for them is each other and Aulonocara Lwanda - mine of which have a gold colored flash behind the gills and no red whatsoever. So make of that what you will, maybe my Firefish some Aulonocara Lwanda blood somewhere in their mix?

My last question would be how many fish would you put in that tank in general?
I started off with 20 fish my my 180gal and after removing the aggressors and also deaths due to aggressors I now have only 9 fish left in there.

HTH and I'm sure others here will be along to give their input, good luck if you do move forward with the tank.
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