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somegermanguy said:
Now to my first actual question: where does such an OB peacock actually fit in? Would it work in an all-male peacock and haps tank?
I have two All-male tanks. I have them in both, It's really hard to get them to work. The only way I've got them to work is by introducing them at half the size of your lowest ranking fish in the tank. They seem to adapt better that way as they grow. I also overcrowd mine purposely. More maintenance, but less aggression.

Another question on an all-male tank is what actually defines a similar looking fish in the eyes of a fish?
This is a good question. I've found, it's really trial and error, but before even trying an all-male tank, be prepared to rehome or move fish to other tanks. It's almost impossible to avoid blue. I go for differences in body color, fin colors, blaze from nose to dorsal, bars, etc. There aren't to many yellow, red and oranges to pick from either. I believe species type makes a difference when choosing jacobfreibergi, stuartgranti, etc. You usually don't want two of those together either. To answer how many, it's debated all the time. I personally keep 15 - 18 @ 4" - 7" Peacock/haps in each 125 plus a 7" albino rainbow shark, 4" lace catfish in one and two 4" Synodontis Petricola Leopard catfish in another. Mind you, this was all through lots of trial and error. I would venture to say, if you are running an all-male tank, you will always have to keep a watchful eye on it and be ready to make adjustments. It makes a beautful assortment and you will get tons of compliments from friends and family, but it's a lot of work. To me it's worth it, but I'm retired and have plenty of time to take care of them. Good luck, and I hope my trials and tribulations with all-male setups help you out some.
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